The Legend of Sally Jones

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« This story begins 100 years ago, during a tropical stormy night. Deep down the African jungle, a baby gorilla is born. Neither the moon nor the stars were shining up above in the sky. The oldest and wisest member of the herd foretold a great deal of trouble for the newborn gorilla in her upcoming future »

The legend of Sally Jones tells the story of a female gorilla who is born with bad timing, during a starless and moonless night, therefore condemned to live a life of misadventures and forced labour. The first chapter in her story is written by some Belgian poachers that capture her and then sell her to a Turkish ivory merchant who is planning to offer her as a gift to his fiancée.

This event sets the starting point to a life full with adventure, intrigue, solitude, violence, fighting, kindness and everlasting friendship. We will travel around the world, on freighter, by truck, on caravan and even on a circus wagon, surrounded by high society people and the worst of criminals.

Sally will meet with sailors, magicians, phony countesses, police chief inspectors, merchants…

Every one of these characters will play a decisive role in Sally’s destiny.